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Everything stands in our world.

The plants.

The places.

The people.

Standing in different classes,

At different heights

How low, we stand,

Is how hard, we fall.

How we fall,

Is up to you.


For those standing low,

Life is but a silent struggle.

As we, as bystanders,

Look them down,

The only direction left for them,

Is down.

And as what goes around,
Comes around,

We shall fall with them.


The silent are those

Who have put their feet in the right place,

Yet looked down upon

For their own beliefs,

And their own stance in life.

But we can learn from them,

That all beliefs, should be accepted,
No matter how small, or how large.

This is our world,

And we all stand

For the place we call,





Thursday, March 14, 2013

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  1. PeanutPuff May 15, 2013 8:15 pm

    Wow, blogger. That’s very a very beautiful and emotional poem you’ve written. I like your writing enormously.

    When I read your poem, I imagined a sort of a caste system/social pyramid filled up with all sorts of people. Like normal, bullies on top, victims on the bottom. But where do bystanders really belong? Surely it can’t be up higher than the bullies or below with the victims? Surely they be right in the middle of things, innocent and unaware.

    When I imagine this “social pyramid of social-ness” I see bystanders everywhere.
    I see them in the middle because they are neutral. They aren’t causing any problems, they’re just minding their own business, la-dee-da.

    I see them on top because they are the ones who give bullies power. By refusing/neglecting to tell anyone/help the victim, they are allowing the bullies to continue to upset people. They are giving bullies support, saying “Oh, it’s okay for you to torment this person. Nothing is going to happen to you if you do, so by all means, make this kid’s life wretched.”

    But most of the bystanders muck together at the bottom of the ladder. Like stated before, they allow, and sometimes support/endorse the bullies by cheering them on and laughing. Laughing at another human’s despicable nasty habit of rising to power by stepping on their peers. They do absolutely nothing to help another human. They simply watch the onslaught of insults like Monday Night football.

    A difference could be as little as an anonymous slip of paper to the authorities (although they rarely do anything), to a simple “Stop that, it’s not worth it.” Because it is. Is getting to the top of the social ladder worth ruining someone’s day, week, month, year, or life? If you are so obtuse and cold-hearted that you STILL don’t care, think about how it will feel down the road. Years later, when you are an old man or woman, sitting on your deathbed, knowing that you made someone miserable for just a few friends in middle school year back. Your popularity and social standings will be so insignificant when you’re older that you probably won’t be able to say your current best friend’s name with out massaging your temples in frustration. All you will remember about your middle school life is that you ruined someone else’s.


    p.s. Wow. Dayum. I got completely off topic. That was probably my biggest rant ever. (Besides that one time someone said that the Twilight Saga is better than the Potter Books. *Scoff* But, I digress.) Yes, blogger, your poem is perfect. And beautiful. And all of the above. I like your message, bro! 😉

    • Satoria May 23, 2013 7:46 pm


      If people did just give an anonymous tip, we could make a better world, the world we’re Standing in.