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To Bring Victory, To Bring Peace

S Popart signed min








To climb behind a wall,

Is to refrain from unavoidable,

To ignore the insignificant,

And to turn your back,

To what is right beside you.

But what you perceive, to be nothing,

Don’t wait, for the real message,

To call for you.

Walk toward your wall,

And shatter right through.


It is truly, everywhere,

Turn the corner, and stereotypes,

Shift into place.

They trap the innocent,

And power the powerful.

To grasp one person to the next,

Until finally,

There is no escape.

For the ones who are affected,

Backed up against a wall,

See no break of optimistic hope.

No way to say

“That’s enough”.

And in the end,

They beat themselves up,

Engaged in an endless war,

There is no surrender.

There is no escape.


You turn your back, to the war,

And fail to find, a solution.

Enclosed behind walls,

You shield yourself from the truth.

Safe. For now.

Soon, war will come to you.

Shutting gates, building walls,

Only cause more wars.

Enclosed in endless war,

You join the problem,

Or become the victim.


The wall remains simply a barrier,

Between you, and solution.

Continue behind it,

And get caught in the crossfire.

Extinguish both flames,

Step forward,

And break down your wall.

For you can end pain,

And you can end war.


The castle is yours.

The walls are up,

And the gates are closed.

Bade time behind those walls,

But problems, call for irresistible attention.

Raise your gates,

Break down your wall,

Become, a WallBreaker.

Shatter problems of the world,

And force the surrender.

To bring victory,

To bring peace.

For liberty and justice for all.




Monday, February 11, 2013

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