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Rising up,

Is an American dream.

So many people dream of it,

Because it should be a right.

Not taken.

Not pushed.

Not forced,



I stand,

For the hope

That one day,

All men, and women,

Will stay equal.

And that I

Will stand high enough,

To make a difference.


America is unbalanced.

For we, as people

Of the same country,

Who can stop is,

As we push ourselves over.

Shall we one day

Empower each other.

Or get trampled,

By our own feet,

And to our death.


As people,

We can aspire,

To become greater

Than anything.

But as we endanger our people,

And endanger ourselves,

We are no better

Than backstabbing fools.

And as we defend ourselves,

We shall all fall.

With our world stance,

We shall fall.

But with world peace,

We shall rise,

And empower each other.

No matter how small, or how large.

This is our world,

And we all stand

For the place we call,





Thursday, May 23, 2013

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