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Personal Narrative

When I was little, I wanted to be princess, an international movie star, and a rockstar. My forth choice was doctor-astronaut. I thought that was having to settle. When we we young, were less restricted and we worried less. We were almost limitless and all the answers to the world seemed endless. We were free.


When I was in third grade I seriously considered being a pilot. I remember my friends parents thinking it was a ‘cute’ idea and ‘bold’ for a little girl. The jokingly said I was ‘ambitious.’ They in there more-developed ‘practical’ mindset were writing me off as I would find so many adults do.


At what stage of our life, after which birthday, do people start telling us who we are? It’s seems a little silly that we are taught to dream as kids and when we get to elementary, middle school, and high school that they begin retracting our potential and telling us that success is quantified and what pays the bills. They have us decide something and end up rewriting and revising it entirely.


Grown-ups aren’t wiser. Heck teenagers aren’t always the most relevant. Sometime it’s small children that know what is actually important.


For all the greats that there ever were, an unusual set of circumstances allowed an unlikely person to achieve the seemingly impossible. We love to hear stories of underdogs. Why not start with us and building ourselves up together ? Let’s not be a generation with boxes that confine us, let’s not be determined by statistics. It’s time to reshape society starting with us.

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