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Tell it Like It Is: Verbal Bullying

There is always lots of bullying going on around the world. Whether it is cyber bullying, verbal bullying, or physical bullying, it is impossible to stop. It is like a giant monster that everyone has seen. You can get the monster to become smaller in size, but never to die out. Everyone has been bullied one way or another. Some people get bullied but don’t realize it. Others, they get bullied and know they are being bullied, but don’t report it in the fear of getting “beaten up” by the bully. This is why bullying is so hard to end: not everyone reports it, so it becomes undetectable to authorities who have the power of stopping/getting rid of it. Out of the three types of bullying, the one I have seen the most at school is definitely verbal bullying.

Everyone in the world has verbally bullied at least one person and has been verbally bullied at least once. I know no one at LMS that has never called anyone a name or insulted someone. Everywhere I look, there is always some kind of verbal bullying going on. Whenever I see it happening, it is either friends calling each other names, or it is enemies insulting each other. Both ways, it is still verbal bullying in my opinion. I usually see students criticizing each other when they do things and/or making fun of each other when they make any mistakes. I have very strong feelings towards these things. I know how it feels when someone makes fun of you or criticizes you.

In class, when a student says an incorrect or “stupid” answer, everyone in the class laughs. This makes the student feel inferior to the rest of the class. It is basically the same thing as calling the person a name and saying that their response was “dumb.” Everyone has at least once said a “stupid” answer and experienced this unpleasant feeling. And since I am not perfect and even I make mistakes in class, I have also experienced this. If you ask me, you do not want to make that same mistake again, because if you do, you will become the laughing stock of the whole class.

Verbal bullying also lowers people’s self-esteem, or confidence. As I said before, when you say a “stupid” answer, people make fun of you. You most probably don’t like this feeling because it makes you feel unintelligent. And since you don’t like this feeling, you most likely don’t want to have it again. So when this happens to students in any class, it makes them feel like they don’t know anything and that in the future they shouldn’t even bother to answer a question. This is because they think they will probably get it wrong. So the confidence in the student decreases and he/she stops taking risks and trying new things in life. Therefore, verbal bullying may lead to people being scarred lifelong.

The only way to find out about any kind of bullying is to have cameras or microphones hidden around the school to listen in on their conversations. This way, the teachers would be able to know if any kind of bullying was going on around the school and bring it to an end. In my opinion, verbal bullying is the worst way of communication anywhere in the world. It negatively affects people’s lives. Verbal bullying takes away people’s confidence in life, leading to missed opportunities due to the person not taking risks and trying new things. Stop verbal bullying!!!

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