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Tell It Like It Is

Stereotypes are very common in this day and age, so we should try to turn a page. Classism, racism, sexism, they’re all problems, we need to find ways to solve them. The image is passed on through generations, but it’s all mental with very few physical confrontations. Instead of repeating and perpetuating, try to end it, the whole world is waiting. Stop judging others on a personal trait, does it make you feel good to berate? Unfortunately media, government, and schools are spreading these images, can’t we all just try finish it? You may do it subliminally, the ways to offend someone, infinitely. Stop judging on race, don’t act like a disgrace. Stop assuming based on sex, you shouldn’t be perplexed. All these stereotypes hurt the people around who we give no regard, to truly be perfect is impossible, or at least very hard. Try your best to stop the spreading of these injustices, if you’re different do you deserve the effect of these comeuppances? I stated my message loud and clear, don’t stereotype; people are leaving in fear.

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