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Worldly Nature

The people mock the demons of the world,

Yet they carry them so prominently.

The empty caverns of souls from books we read

Exist in our own being.

We criticize, then prove ourselves nothing but


What are we really, behind

Those dull masks we call reality?

We laugh at those misfortunate ones who trip and fall,

Who are different from us,

The weak.

And since we prey upon the weak,

We are the strong.

Where is the great man that God created,

The evolution of our spirits above other creatures’,

The pinnacle of Earthbound life?

When we search for these creatures with our essence and not our minds,

We do not find these superior beings,

We find a species that is still but a savage beast of creation,

Feeding on the minds and bodies of its own,

And wreaking havoc upon opposing species.

We find ourselves.

Who does the strong consist of then?

Who stands above all others in virtue and control.

It is the prey, those who suffer our blows,

Confront the afflicted pain,

And move on in their lives, changed, but also


They are God’s messiah,

Evolution’s missing link,

Our dreams.

So who are we?

We will not know in this generation, nor in the next,

Nor until the Strong are known from the Weak, and

Our beings are made more humble and less rash;

Such is human nature.

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