Ginger Head
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This story is about my experience with another boy, one year younger than me, who

King of Spades
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A seventh grade girl has a crush on a guy. She lets her emotions become

Worst Bystander-ME
Photo 140
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Being a bystander can be a horrible mistake. Once it’s done, it may fill you

To Short To Play
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Exclusion hurts, especially if there is no true basis. Have you ever been left on

Take a Stand
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No one wins in a situation with someone, a bystander, or in this case, someone

Shunned Over a One-Sided Story
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When this students makes a mistake by accidently posting something on Facebook, she is shunned.

Finding Support
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This story describes how the bullying and belittling in elementary school had an impact on

Just One Person
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This is a story about a student who got bullied twice and nobody supported him.

Standing Up for My Brother
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When this person’s brother is mocked, he has to decide how to deal with it.