Racism Among Friends
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This story captures the shocking racist insults one person experienced from his own friends. He

No Right to be in America
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This story describes how one girl hopes she will not face the same treatment her

Why Did This Happen to me?
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This student describes an experience in which she was racially profiled because of her skin

Survivor: Defending my Culture
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A sister shares her brother’s story about defending his culture and taking pride in his

Racism Comes In Many Forms
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Some people make “jokes” to cover up a racist slur. It can slip by because

Hispanic Pride
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“Hey Wetback…Sup Beaner, how you here…you’re too fat to hop the border” a friend’s comments

Asian Pride
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This story describes one student’s experience with bullying because she is Asian. Verbal insults driven

That’s Because You’re Asian
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This person feels his skills and accomplishments are constantly be written off with statements like,

Stereotypes Based on my Language
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As a recent immigrant from Sweden, this person was called a Nazi by a person