Different Friends
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This story describes how one student found a bridge between herself and someone who was

Being a Bystander
Photo 63
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Avoiding school due to bullying! Head down on the desk crying for an entire class

My Mom
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This story is about my mom who is commonly stereotyped because she has cerebral palsy.

Moving Past Assumptions
Photo 50
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This story shares a lesson about not making judgments about people based on how they

Inspirationally Autistic
Photo 120
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When her friend accidently bumps into a student with Autism and says “Eewww”, this student

The New Girl
Photo 113
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The negative stereotypes float around the city and the schools as if they are no

Accepting Myself
Photo 117
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Why can’t you be more like your cousin? She’s so smart and funny plus she

Parents? What Parents?
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What is it like for those students who don’t have both parents in a household?

Brother Dear
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This story captures a sister’s reflection of what growing up without a hand is like