Nobody’s Perfect
Photo 137
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Expectations, they just get you. When you let someone down because the pressure is too

Take a Stand
Photo 137
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No one wins in a situation with someone, a bystander, or in this case, someone

Shunned Over a One-Sided Story
Photo 72
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When this students makes a mistake by accidently posting something on Facebook, she is shunned.

Working Towards My Dream
Photo 57
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This person struggles to “fix” his body image but rude comments towards him from others

Beautiful Monsters
Photo 71
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We all feel ugly sometimes. But when we have someone to lean on, we find

Different Friends
Photo 60
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This story describes how one student found a bridge between herself and someone who was

Being a Bystander
Photo 63
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Avoiding school due to bullying! Head down on the desk crying for an entire class

Ignorance About Me and My Religion
Photo 54
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This story describes the harassment that one student deals with because of his religion and

Racism Among Friends
Photo 62
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This story captures the shocking racist insults one person experienced from his own friends. He